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Welcome to Alkimos Beach Medical Centre!

Alkimos Beach Medical Centre provides quality, affordable medical care to Perth’s northern most suburbs. We are home to a staff of exceptional physicians, nurses and administrators, with state-of-the-art facilities on-site. If you are in need of medical care, or are simply wishing to establish a connection with a new family doctor, please contact Alkimos Beach Medical Centre today. From the moment you walk through the door you will always be made to feel welcome, as we help you along the road to good health.

Our practice emphasises holistic care – meaning that many parts work together to make up your whole medical treatment. For instance, a condition may require physiotherapy as one main component of its treatment, but also call for specific dietary requirements as well. Some conditions, chronic conditions especially, can take a toll on mental health, so treatments such as counselling are also part of holistic care. Alkimos Beach Medical Centre offers all of the services needed to achieve this complete holistic care, including physiotherapy, podiatry, dermatology and pathology, in addition to our general practice.


We fully embrace the time-honoured role of family doctor – getting to know each patient and their individual needs, with the aim to be there for them well into the future. These long-standing relationships between a patient and their physician are at the heart of achieving full, holistic care that improves each patient’s health and well-being both immediately and over the course of their lives.


All Medicare-related services are bulk-billed at Alkimos Beach Medical Centre. Instant electronic claiming is also available.


Alkimos Beach Medical Centre is completely accessible to the disabled, with wheelchair ramps, rails, disabled parking, and assistance available whenever necessary.


There is ample parking available, including disabled parking, and our practice can be accessed by bus on route #??.


To offer the fastest turnaround and most accurate results for blood tests, biopsies and specimen samples, we collect and process all samples in our own pathology laboratory. Blood tests are typically returned within a few days.


Your doctor can provide you with information on any health issue. We have lots of reading material available, and your doctor will be able to offer further direction and counselling to help you optimise your health.


We have both male and female doctors on staff, who specialise in the specific health concerns of men and women. Alkimos Beach Medical Centre offer all standard/recurring treatments for men’s and women’s health, including testicular checks, prostate checks, pap smears and breast examinations.


Conditions that have persisted for six months or longer are considered chronic, and require specific long-term treatment. Our doctors can put together Management Plans to help treat your chronic condition and achieve the healthiest, happiest outcome possible. The Management Plan will outline what to expect from your condition, what steps to take in treating it, and what services your doctor (or team) will provide.

Latest Services

Skin Clinic

Skin Clinic

Australia, known even in its own national anthem as ‘a sunburnt country’, has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world. The truth is that there is no immunity from skin cancer, and prevention is imperative.

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The Alkimos Beach Medical Centre is a fully in-house practice aiming to provide the surrounding community with an excellent medical facility.

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In Australia, the distinction between a dietitian and a nutritionist is that, in addition to working in the same settings as nutritionists (such as public health and the food industry) dieticians are also qualified to work in private clinical practice and hospitals.

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Podiatry conditions can lead to extreme discomfort, often causing patients to lose mobility and strength. Many conditions, if left untreated, can lead to further problems as well as long-term pain and degeneration, so our doctors understand the considerable importance of podiatry in holistic treatment.

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